Within the frame of the general vision of Iğdır University; our mission is to observe needs of our stakeholders closely, taking criticisms seriously, to take lessons from the mistakes and to continuously renovate ourselves, to work for achieving the same excellence and proficiency levels in different graduate  programs conducted as traditional, non-thesis, second education and distance learning programs,   to strengthen administrative structure in order to offer quality services, to organize administrative staff according to scientific projects in order to improve their productivity, to organize events and workshops in order to increase the satisfaction of many students with different qualities enrolled in various graduate programs, and to conduct improvement actions according to the outcomes of these events, to speed up infrastructure development to computerize all departments for timely offering of the best quality services to students and academic staff, to renew and update the webpage with the awareness that communication is the most basic human need, and to facilitate publishing of the results of scientific research.


In parallel to the vision of Iğdır University, our vision is to be a respectable institution that seeks excellence and proficiency in all existing graduate programs, opens new programs needed by the country and society in the light of recent developments around the globalized world and in line with Bologna process; that is most preferred by Turkish and foreign students by conducting serious studies and exemplary practices in education and relations with society, whose awarded diplomas and qualifications are demanded by academic and non-academic sectors alike, that provides for an environment of academic freedom for the conduct of scientific studies; and which is known for its democratic, participative, transparent and student-oriented educational and administrative approach.